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Inspecting Industrial & Commercial Properties Throughout Boston, MA

ASAP Environmental, Inc. inspects industrial, commercial, and residential properties for the presence of lead paint and mold throughout Boston and surrounding regions. Following an inspection, we present a formal written report that details our findings.

Inspections & Determinations

Our thorough inspections may include dust testing, clearance inspections, lead paint tests, and re-occupancy and deleading reinspections. We make lead determinations and provide analyses of any dust wipes or soil and water samples.

Keeping You Safe from Hazardous Materials

Whether for an industrial, retail, office, general business settings or home or rental property, ASAP Environmental, Inc. will search for signs of hazardous lead paint or mold. Contact us if you suspect your building harbors these pollutants. Our thorough inspections can keep you and your family or coworkers in a safer and healthier space.

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