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Rental Property Owners

State and federal laws impose severe penalties if the rental property owner fails to inspect for and abate lead hazards. Plus, you could suffer extensive liability if a lead hazard results in an elevated blood level in an occupant or tenant using your rental property.

Expand your options with interim controls

The Massachusetts Lead Law allows some property owners to take intermediate measures where an urgent lead hazard exists giving them more time to pay for the costs of full abatement compliance. To qualify, your property must have an Initial Lead Paint Inspection accompanied by a Risk Assessment done by a state-certified risk assessor. ASAP Environmental is state- and federally certified to perform risk assessment that could make you eligible to take temporary urgent lead hazard reduction measures.

After you’ve taken the necessary temporary measures to abate an urgent lead hazard, ASAP Environmental will re-inspect and issue you a Letter of Interim Control. A Letter of Interim Control is good up to 2 years.  After the 2 years is up and there is still a child under the age of 6 living at the property you are required to have the property fully abated.

Tenants and the law: Before renting a home built before 1978 building owners and the new tenants must sign 2 copies of the Tenant Lead Law Notification and Tenant Certificaton Form.  Building owners must also provide copies of lead inspections and any letters of compliance that exist.

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