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Home Lead Inspections in Boston, MA

Lead paint can be found in almost 75% of all houses built before 1978, and a dangerous mold infestation could exist in any home no matter how old it is. ASAP Environmental, Inc. is devoted to providing and ensuring safe living environments for homeowners through our comprehensive lead inspections.

Know the law

The Massachusetts Lead Law says you must remove a lead hazard if a child under the age of 6 is living in your home. The law applies to all properties built before 1978 where a child is present, including single-family homes. If a child under the age of 6 lives in your home or in property you lease, you must comply with the law by removing a lead hazard within 30 to 90 days.

Owners of properties built before 1978 who are receiving certain types of federal assistance now face tougher federal health regulations designed to protect occupants from lead contamination. ASAP Environmental is state certified to perform risk assessment to determine the scope of a lead hazard.

Lead Hazards and Exposure

Lead is a persistent foe that can show up in many places throughout your home. It has been detected in door frames, interior casings, kitchen cabinetry, interior walls, and even in garage siding. High levels of lead exposure can cause a number of issues including abdominal cramps, irritability, headaches, and high blood pressure. More serious health conditions can include learning difficulties and growth delays in children, seizures, and severe abdominal pain.

How to Determine Exposure Levels

Because many houses built before 1978 contained lead-based paint, there is a high chance that some of these homes have been exposed to lead at some point. Therefore, older houses that have never been inspected are great candidates for a lead inspection. Newer homes can also be exposed to lead. The best and only foolproof way to make a determination is with professional assistance.

The Inspection Process

We will then perform a more in-depth inspection that includes a surface-by-surface investigation with our XRF machine. Within 2-4 seconds of testing each surface, we’ll have an exact amount of lead paint on the surface without damaging the surface. We document all the readings in our report.

When we complete the report, we’ll do one of the following:

  • f the unit and common areas are in compliance with the lead law we will issue you an initial letter of compliance, which would remove you from liability to the lead law, allowing children there under the age of six.
  • If violations are found in the unit or the common areas, we will let you know where they are, and depending on the surface and condition of the paint on the surface, we can give you some options on how to bring those surfaces into compliance.

Based on the option chosen, we will give you a ballpark figure on what it could cost to do the work, give you information on local Deleading contractors, tax credits, funding available for deleading, and the work you can do as an owner. Once deleading is complete an additional reinspection will need to occur for compliance.



If you believe there is a chance that your home may contain lead, please give us a call and schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

Get the Facts

You have the right to request a certified lead inspection before you make an offer to purchase a home. A home seller is not required to by the Massachusetts Lead Law to have their home inspected for a lead hazard. But, the seller and the real estate agent must reveal any known lead hazards and the results of any previous lead inspections.

Buyers beware! Be careful if the home seller tells you work was performed previously to remove a lead hazard—the work might not be in complete compliance with the Massachusetts Lead Law. Buyers have 90 days after the date of purchase before stricit liability is transferred from the seller to the buyer.


ASAP Environmental is qualified to perform state-certified risk assessments.  Risk assessments must be performed in conjunction with the comprehensive initial inspection.  Having a risk assement could give you more time and more options for removing a lead hazard from your home or rental property. In certain circumstances a Letter of Interim Control could be the most cost efficient way of removing the owner from strict liability for up to 2 years.  If you have further questions regarding Interim Control please call our office. 

Perform "moderate-risk" deleading yourself!

Massachusetts regulations give property owners more options than ever for removing a lead paint hazard from their homes. The regulations allow trained homeowners, property managers, and remodeling contractors to perform “moderate-risk” deleading, making it safe and more cost effective to eliminate a lead paint hazard yourself. For information about where to find training in Massachusetts, call the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program at 1-800-532-9571.

You can speak to one of our inspectors after your inspection to get information on deleading contractors in your area, tax credits, and work that you can do as an owner.  Only a state-licensed lead removal firm can perform higher risk deleading.  Get estimates from several firms before making a decision. Demand a written contract and don’t complete payment for the job until a letter of compliance with the law is issued to you.


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