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ASAP Environmental, Inc. provides certified lead paint inspection and risk assessment services for homeowners, renters, and landlords in and around Boston. An inspection and/or risk assessment can save time, money, and health by revealing not just where lead is present, but also what the risk is and how to abate it.

Why You Should Get a Lead-based Paint Inspection

Lead-based paint, found in paint made before 1978, poses a serious health hazard to everyone in the home, and children are the most vulnerable. Only a trained professional can accurately detect lead inside or outside the home. Inspections help ensure both the safety of residents and properties as well as compliance with current laws and EPA regulations, including the RRP Rule. The RRP Rule imposes certification and abatement standards during renovations to protect residents and workers from potential lead contamination, with serious fines for noncompliant landlords, property managers, and contractors.

Who Needs a Lead-based Paint Inspection

Any structure built or painted prior to the banning of lead paint in 1978 is very likely to have at least one coat of it that could be inhaled or ingested if exposed. Anyone living in an older structure, especially those planning a renovation, should schedule a lead paint inspection and risk assessment before beginning any work.

What to Expect During an Inspection

ASAP Environmental, Inc. will send our certified, experienced inspectors armed with advanced portable x-ray fluorescence machines to conduct a non-invasive inspection of your home. If we detect lead, we can also take dust and paint chip samples for more detailed laboratory analysis. Our risk assessment will identify lead dangers in problem spots where paint chips are more likely to break off, like windows, doorjambs, and baseboards.

If you’re in the Boston area and think lead paint may be present in your home or rental property, contact ASAP Environmental, Inc. today for a certified residential or commercial lead paint inspection and risk assessment. Call us at 800-349-7779 for a free phone estimate.


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