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Protect your Family, health and home from dangers of lead paint and mold with expert inspections by ASAP Environmental
Purchasing a Home? You may need a certified lead inspection - especially if the home you’re about to buy was built before 1978. ASAP Environmental has helped tens of thousands of New England homeowners since 1993 to safeguard their lives and protect their property investments.

Planning on Renting? Federal and state laws protect children from the hazards of lead paint. Property owners face heavy penalties for noncompliance. ASAP Environmental offers complete lead inspection services including certified risk assessment to protect both owners and tenants under the Massachusetts Lead Law.


ASAP Environmental offers complete lead inspections with advanced XRF technology - including certified risk assessment and abatement consulting.


Certified mold detection services by ASAP Environmental include surface, air and bulk sampling and laboratory analysis.

Getting the facts:

ASAP Environmental has six locations throughout the state of Massachusetts making it even easier for you to get your inspection when you need it most. ASAP Environmental has offices in Boston, Brockton, Rockland, Worcester, Wakefield, Lawrence and Osterville.