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John MacIsaac founded ASAP Environmental, Inc. in 1993 and has helped thousands of homeowners safeguard lives and protect property investment. We are an established leader in both lead and mold inspections in Massachusetts.

Our Experience

We have performed over 35,000 lead paint inspections, risk assessments, lead determinations, dust testing, and clearance inspections since our creation. We have done more lead paint inspections than anyone in the state. We provide inspections throughout Massachusetts, with our main office located in the Fields Corner area of Dorchester. We maintain digital copies of all the properties that we have issued compliance for, and all reports can be emailed upon request.

Our Inspectors

Each of our inspectors is certified to perform inspections and risk assessments by the state of Massachusetts. They’re also equipped with an XRF analyzer, the most accurate and reliable lead detection device on the marketplace.

Our Services

Our services include initial inspections, risk assessments, re-occupancy reinspection, final deleading reinspections, analysis of dust wipes, soil, and water samples, job oversight, specification write-up, and consulting. We also provide letters of initial compliance, full deleading compliance, re-occupancy, and interim control.

Why Choose Us?

ASAP Environmental, Inc. is a trusted and valued neighbor in our communities, recognized by leading civic and municipal organizations for protecting the health of homeowners and children. Community groups, cities, and towns we have worked with include the City of Boston, Housing Corporation of Arlington, City of Waltham, City of Taunton, Dorchester Bay EDC, Self-Help, Maloney Properties, ARCH Stone Properties, Windsor Properties, Boston University, and the Massachusetts Audubon Society, among others. Our office also carries $2 million worth of insurance to protect against liability, errors, and omissions.


In order to stay up to date on the latest inspection techniques and construction news, ASAP Environmental, Inc. is a member of a variety of business and construction-related associations, including:

  • LEHA: Lead and Environmental Hazards Association
  • BAGB: The Builders Association of Greater Boston
  • NARI: National Association of the Remodeling Industry
  • ASHI: American Society of Home Inspectors
  • NEAHMA: New England Affordable Housing Management Association
  • RHA: Rental Housing Association, IAQ: Indoor Air Quality Association
  • BBB: Better Business Bureau

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A photo of the team at ASAP Environmental, Inc. in Dorchester, MA

Christopher Maracic

Partner, State Certified, Licensed Master Lead Inspector. State and Federal Risk Assessor. Certified Mold Inspector. Performed thousands of inspections since 1994. XRF Lead Detection Technology specialist.

John MacIsaac

President & Founder of ASAP Environmental, State Certified Lead Inspector and State Risk Assessor. XRF Lead Detection Technology specialist.  John is the president of the local LEHA chapter and a member of the board for the National chapter of LEHA.  He is also a member of an advisory panels that is working with the Childhood Lead Paint Prevention Program (CLPPP) and private lead paint inspectors in Massachusetts.


Benjamin Misch

State Certified Lead Inspector and Risk Assessor.  XRF Lead Detection Technology specialist.  Has been doing lead paint inspections since 2008.